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Chicago! Run That: Una Ballad Para Paul Vallas

by Rebel Diaz (ft. Jarochicanos)

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It's a historic and important time in the City of Chicago. Paul Vallas represents everything that's been going wrong in our hometown. From schools, police, to the economy, it's clear that Vallas doesn't represent the interests of everyday working people. We present "Una Ballad Para Paul Vallas' ft. Jarochicanos.


We got a decision to make!
Fate of the city hang in the balance..
It's the People vs Paul Vallas
This a call out
A funa
For these dudes that's fula
Una ballad para Paul Vallas
De Rebel Diaz y Jarochicanos
Para Chicago

[G1 verse]
My first protests was against CPS
Paul Vallas and they standardized tests
Dictator Daley had it out for the babies
Took over the schools and imposed all these changes
Like puttin business in control
Set the stage for budget problems down the road
Schools closed
Teacher Pensions underfunded
Wreaked havoc on the tight city budgets
Parents sidelined
Children criminalized
Teachers shortchanged
Vallas capitalized
then Philly
Then Bridgeport Connecticut
Same medicine
Privatizing public benefits
Charter schools
and more police in the city
Vallas a mercenary
Doing the bankers bidding
Terrorist tactics from
New Orleans Haiti to Chile
Real violent actions are
Vouchers and cop cities
Work study and keeping the schools open late
Just a cover for privatizing the State
Selling fear in a race to the bottom
Up to the people of Chicago to stop em!


Chicago... run that
Time to take the whole city back

[RodStarz verse]
The Milton Freidman of this Education
The Big Bad Wolf Mr Privatization
Who are the criminals? Who are the thieves?
Who opposes every second that we breathe?
Paul Vallas Loves the Police !
The law and order guy and I ain't talkin Ice T.
We don't want you for mayor we don't want you for mayor
ill say that shit twice like a broken record player
See Im the type of dad that hugs my kids a lot!
Pauls the type of dad that raised a killer cop
The workin class vs the wealthy opps
We need Community Control of our schools and blocks
are we conditioned by these conditions ?
The lunch our kids eat the same one from the prisons
Pauls a vulture -Chicago is the carcass
He on a pedestal its time we push him off it
The economic shock doctrine in chile
Los estudiantes en la calle en los 2mile$
los que luchan por educacion gratuita
De Chicago a Santiago luchando por la vida

Chicago! Vamos!
Ponte a organizar en tu barrio

[Jarochicanos Verse]
Nuestro partido es el pueblo
la raza y la juventud
luchamos por la salud
para poder defendernos
ante los malos gobiernos
que crian desigualdad
nos niegan la dignidad
que se debe a nuestra gente
hagamos lo que es decente
salvemos nuestra ciudad
salvemos nuestra ciudad (4x)


released March 27, 2023
Written by G1, RodStarz, Jarochicanos
Produced by G1


all rights reserved



Rebel Diaz New York, New York

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