1. Multiply, Vol. 2
    Rebel Diaz x Tef Poe

  2. Multiply, Vol. 1
    Rebel Diaz x Tef Poe

  3. Fight for Chicago (Chicago Teacher pt. 2)

  4. State of Emergency

  5. América -vs- Amerikkka

  6. You Mad! (feat. Gabriel Teodros)

  7. The 15 Year Anniversary Album

  8. Viva Puerto Rico Libre! (Ghetto Brothers Remix)
    Rebel Diaz, Divine RBG

  9. Campo (Remix)
    Flaco Navaja, Nitty Scott, Tato Torres y Yerbabuena

  10. Pa'lante (Plastico Remix)
    G1 de Rebel Diaz, Lester Rey, Rosa Clemente

  11. Y Va Caer (feat. Ana Tijoux)

  12. FVCK I.C.E.

  13. Why Imma Give Thanks?

  14. Revolution to the Trap
    Rodrigo Starz

  15. Free Family Portraits
    Rodrigo Starz

  16. #CROOK
    Rodrigo Starz

  17. "Run" (w/ The Reminders)
    Rebel Diaz x The Reminders

  18. "Nos Quedamos" feat. guerrillerokulto (Rough Mix) - Fundraiser for Rebel Diaz

  19. Radical Dilemma


  21. The Thankstaking
    Rebel Diaz x Gat Turner x Viva Fidel

  22. Chicago Teacher

  23. FREE 'EM ALL (People's Remix)
    RodStarz of Rebel Diaz (feat. Luss)

  24. American Spring

  25. Stop! Stop and Frisk!
    RDACBX (feat. Rebel Diaz, Vithym, Luss)

  26. Never a Prisoner! (Free Mumia)

  27. American Nitemare

  28. #OccupyTheAirwaves
    Rebel Diaz (mixed by DJ Illanoiz)

  29. We the 99%

  30. Troy Davis Lives Forever
    Rebel Diaz and Agent of Change

  31. Son Las Drogas
    Rodstarz of Rebel Diaz

  32. Don't Lose It
    G1 of Rebel Diaz

  33. Imaginate

  34. I Can't Be Stopped
    Rodstarz of Rebel Diaz

  35. No Te Quedes Atras

  36. Songoo!

  37. Me Creo

  38. We Living
    Rebel Diaz feat. Circa '95

  39. Bring it Back
    Active Member and Rebel Diaz

  40. Soy De Aqui

  41. Im An Alien

  42. Chubaca
    Rodstarz of Rebel Diaz

  43. Craazy
    Rebel Diaz feat. C-Rayz Walz

  44. I Need You More

  45. Guilty

  46. Craig Hodges

  47. Victor Toro! Victor Toro!
    M.O. (feat. Rodstarz of Rebel Diaz)

  48. Libertad

  49. 8.8 (La Tierra Tiembla)

  50. Otro Guerrillero Mixtape Vol. 2

  51. Otra Guerrillera Mixtape Vol. 1

  52. ...desde el Lago hasta el Mar Mixtape


Rebel Diaz New York, New York

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